The Covid virus created an unprecedented situation which has made it very hard to clearly understand what my furloughed husband’s right to FMLA protection is. The uncertainty about which action to take was creating great added stress to his recent cancer diagnosis. The patient advocate agent I spoke with took the time to understand my husband’s personal situation and clearly cared … she got back to me within hours with a very clear-cut answer explaining what his rights are … knowing how to proceed has lifted the stress from our shoulders and allowed us to concentrate on his treatment and getting well. Until reaching out to the Patient Advocate Foundation all other organizations contacted had given us equivocal answers that left us with the same doubts and fears about what to do! I can’t praise the Patient Advocate Foundation and its people enough and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for their caring concern, thoroughness and excellent, informed help. Thank you and God bless!

Denise, wife of patient | colon cancer

My case manager was a tremendous help to me and my family! As a two-time cancer patient, life can get really tough, physically, mentally, and financially… I was able to gather myself and tell her my problem, and she went to work right away! She was able to help me change my insurance so that I can afford the monthly premiums. I never knew I could do that. If she had not suggested it, I would still be trying to pay almost $200 a month or get cancelled because I couldn’t. I also wouldn’t have the pleasure of paying $1 a month for my new insurance premium that cover all of my doctors and hospital needs. I am grateful for the day my case manager called me… she has truly been a blessing to me!

Karen I colon cancer

At a time when I was faced with overwhelming challenges, both physically, mentally, and financially, PAF provided me with invaluable help to navigate the financial piece of my journey. Prior to being linked up with PAF I felt another blow to my cancer woes and couldn’t imagine the possibility of leaving my family with a major medical balance in addition to dealing with my illness on so many emotional levels. I am absolutely thrilled that my case manager took the reins of this ridiculous insurance company denial and whittled it down to a much more manageable and realistic piece. I have a deep appreciation for all that we were able to accomplish together.

Tamara I colorectal cancer